Introducing the Active Release Techniques®(ART®), an innovative, highly successful bodywork technique for the management of chronic muscle pain from injury or overuse. Olympic champions, pro athletes, and sports teams have found pain relief through this noninvasive alternative to drugs and surgery.

ART® is a hands-on soft tissue management system developed by chiropractor P. Michael Leahy, D.C., CCSP, who utilized his background in aeronautical engineering and anatomy to effectively treat soft tissue problems that were not responding to other traditional practices. Dr. Leahy himself trained and credentialed Kimberly as an ART® provider.

Cumulative trauma disorders can derive from acute injury, repetitive motion, constant pressure or tension. These in turn cause adhesions, fibrosis or scar tissue in the soft tissues. ART® eases the pain and dysfunction associated with these adhesions by restoring optimal texture, range of motion, and function of the soft tissue and releasing any entrapped nerves or blood vessels. Examples of soft-tissue injuries include shoulder pain, chronic lower-back pain, and hyper extension/flexion injury affecting muscles along the spine.

Many common chronic conditions responding favorably to ART® include

  • sciatica/low back pain
  • recurring sports injuries
  • migraine/headaches
  • fibromyalgia
  • temporomandibular problems
  • shoulder pain
  • decreased range of motion
Once the exact tissue injury has been determined, specific motions of the body are used to make layers of tissue slide over one another. Kimberly then uses her hands to find out where it's not sliding or where it's not moving correctly or if it's too tight. She'll break up an adhesion or force a layer of muscle to slide over another layer of muscle or separate a nerve that's stuck to connective tissue or a layer of muscle. During the pain-elimination treatment, Kimberly smooths out the release with massage—gently easing away the pain.

Most of the above can be successfully resolved within six treatments or less. Only a credentialed ART® provider can determine whether the process might prove beneficial for your condition. See Kimberly for a noninvasive treatment and get results.

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