To counteract today's stress-filled world, try a massage. It's soothing. Energizing. And it works.

Massage releases tension by stretching and soothing muscles to relieve emotional and physical stress. Emotional stress is caused by a stressful situation. It's common for people with substantial responsibilities to have shoulder and neck pain which may even run down the back into their arms and legs.

As massage stimulates the relaxation response, muscle tension is released. Circulation is increased. And heart rate and blood pressure is decreased. Massage alleviates pain by stimulating the brain to produce the body's natural pain killers called endorphins. Sensory receptors that had been cut off by accumulated stress begin to feel again.

Through massage, many toxins are broken up and released to the bloodstream and eventually flushed out of the body by drinking water. Ultimately, massage creates conditions for us to facilitate our own healing.

We feel better. We look better. We work better.