About LaStone Therapy

Based on Native American healing, this MASSAGE RITUAL uses smooth stones in contrasting temperatures placed on, under, and around as well as massaged on the body.  The contrast of heat and cold (thermotherapy) stimulates relaxation and deep circulation which activates the lympathic system to detoxify the body on many levels. The lympathic system is part of the body's natural defense against infection (the immune system). It is made up of collections of small lymph glands connected by very thin lymph vessels. The major glands can be found in the neck, armpits, chest, abdomen, pelvis and groin. The spleen, which breaks down old blood cells, also belongs to the lymphatic system.

The lymph glands produce a clear fluid called lymph. It contains whiteblood cells called lymphocytes and antibodies which are both important parts of the body's immune system.

What can you expect during your LaStone treatment

Your LaStone treatment is 90 minutes long.  As in any massage, you lie on a table in a comfortable, warm room.  During the session, stones of different temperatures continue to be placed on, around and under your body. Alternating with the hands, smooth stones are used to massage your entire body. This relaxes tight, contracted muscles. Cooled stones are used as a contrast medium to create a deep circulator effect within the body. This is a very cleansing, immune strengthening and relaxing experience. While the thought of cooled stones can sound uncomfortable, they are actually a refreshing contrast to the heat within the session. 

For a mind and body altering experience call Kim to get rocked!

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