With a B.A. in art and design, Kimberly's sculpting background (call it "cross training") gives her the natural ability to get in deep into your aches and pains.

State certified and licensed massage therapist Kimberly Joy Korljan specializes in DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE or what Kimberly calls, "Getting those NASTY KINKS out." She blends shiatsu, reflexology, reiki, and trigger point therapy. She has found a combination of these methods most effective to help treat arthritis, poor circulation, anorexia, MIGRAINE HEADACHES, cellulite and chronic tight muscles. She is also trained in cold and hot stone therapy as well as in Active Release, a new and highly successful alternative healing approach to injuries of muscles, tendons, fascia, nerves, and the surrounding soft tissues.

The difference between Ms. Korljan's work and others is that her massage will go a whole lot further to relieve tightness, making the benefits
last longer. Deep massage can accelerate the removal of metabolic waste produced by a grueling workout. Removal of this waste will reduce soreness and allow you to return to action quicker.

Since studying massage therapy at Santa Monica's esteemed International Psychostructural Balancing School, this special healer has applied her gift to her private clientele and patients at chiropractic facilities in the greater Los Angeles area.

Her résumé includes Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel, Friars Club, and Murad Spa.

Healing runs deep in her family. Kimberly's father was an M.D. and her uncle a naturopathic doctor.

Like a true artist, she has taken the best from all possible worlds integrating her omnifarious therapeutic knowledge to help treat STRESS, fibromyalgia, T.M.J., muscle injury, and the aches and pains from sports or life (they're one and the same).

(310) 542-5773

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